Yohance Harrison

Yohance Harrison


Behavioral Financial Advisor

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Yohance Harrison has dedicated most of his life to empowering those around him to take charge of their financial future. He began his financial services career over twenty years ago and now finds himself living his passion as the founder and CEO of Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC. Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC specializes in helping healthcare professionals take charge of their financial world, debt and wealth management, education, retirement, and protection planning. 

Born and raised from humble beginnings in Charlotte, North Carolina, Yohance always knew that he wanted to use his voice to amplify others. In 2004, Yohance moved to Los Angeles to manage an advisor’s office for a Fortune 500 firm. After a decade in corporate America, he departed his leadership role to share his wealth of financial literacy knowledge with others. Upon establishing Money Script Wealth Management, PLLC, Yohance knew that he wanted to invest deeper into unserved communities. Together with his wife, Alicia, The Money Script, LLC launched with a mission to increase financial literacy, wealth, and the net worth of black, brown, and indigenous communities. It is their priority to build up multicultural communities that often don’t receive the information needed to reach financial freedom. Through podcasts, workshops, and products, The Money Script, LLC has built an empire of financial literacy tools that work to educate communities to take control of their money habits. 

In addition to The Money Script, LLC tools, Yohance also teaches financial literacy courses at universities across America. He is a licensed life insurance agent, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and holds his Series 65 and 66 licenses. Yohance enjoys spending time with his loving wife and two children when not managing his businesses, where they reside in Dallas, Texas. A photographer at heart, he loves to travel to capture the world through his lens. One of his lifelong dreams is to help ensure that financial literacy courses are a norm across high school and college curriculums.

Education & Training

SERIES 65 – 2020